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PNC Bank Fort Myers 16740 SAN CARLOS BLVD 33908 (1) | Fort Myers, Florida

Steve Riddle

2021-11-23 в 18:15:05

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I have been with PNC for numerous years. the bank on San Carlos Blvd has to be the worst run branch I have ever dealt with. Try calling the branch and find out how their great their service is. I guess the day of customer service has changed. The only reason I deal with PNC is that I have two locations one in Indiana and here in Fort Myers and it makes it convent. I don't like changes however I have made it a decision I have to change. I know this will not break PNC however they need to work on customer service.

PNC Bank Albany 2351 DAWSON RD. 31707 (1) | Albany, Georgia

Phillipanthony Lorenzo

2021-11-18 в 18:12:08

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Wrong phone number branch number provided is in Weston Florida there is no branches in Albany

PNC Bank Gainesville 1807 NW 13TH ST 32609 (1) | Gainesville, Florida

Reinhart Lutz

2021-11-09 в 00:14:36

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Terrible customer service! Nobody picks up the phone. Makes me want to leave this unresponsive bank.

PNC Bank Brunswick 4575 ALTAMA AVE 31520 (1) | Brunswick, Georgia

Mary Pauxtis

2021-09-03 в 20:25:43

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I am on line trying to call a PNC bank in Brunswick and cannot get thru to any number you have posted.

PNC Bank Chardon 117 SOUTH STREET 44024 (1) | Chardon, Ohio

Greg Dolence

2021-03-14 в 05:09:29

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I stopped into the Chardon branch on Friday March 12 around 12:30. I believe that the name of the associate that helped me was Becca? She was very helpful and professional. She got me the information I needed and was a pleasure to work with . Please express my thanks to Becca.

PNC Bank Ann Arbor 2992 S MAIN ST 48103 (1) | Ann Arbor, Michigan

Noah Jacob Cohen

2021-01-26 в 21:54:06

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Long story, but due to a bad accident, I was left without a vehicle or phone. When I had a bad experience with PNC's customer service phone line, a 2992 S MAIN ST branch employee named Brian Saenz went WAY beyond the call of duty to make things right for me. He freely volunteered to do work that his manager didn't even ask him to do; rather, he asked his manager for permission to do extra work on my behalf. And through his extra effort, my problems were solved. Seriously, give that guy a raise. He's a saint. Yrs, A very satisfied client, Noah J. Cohen of Ann Arbor, Michigan

PNC Bank Cuyahoga Falls 2150 STATE ROAD 44223 (2) | Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Karen Durbin

2021-01-09 в 18:08:27

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Terrible lines always at the drive through, and the inside is still not open for walk ins. Every time I go it is at least a 20 minute wait to get to trough. They need more help, or something.

Karen Durbin

2021-01-09 в 18:10:23

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The lines at this branch are always very long, I will try a different on in the future.

PNC Bank Laurel 390 MAIN ST 20707 (1) | Laurel, Maryland

kirk zack

2021-01-06 в 20:27:25

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I wish when you call me on my cell phone asking me to call you back you would have the decency to tell me what the call is about ? Don’t just say “I don’t want to alarm you your account are in great standing, it is important that we get a call back”

PNC Bank Macungie 3321 WILLOW LN 18062 (1) | Macungie, Pennsylvania

Catherine Grisafi

2020-12-31 в 07:32:26

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Last week at a local Department Store my Debit Card got stuck in the machine and the Chip was broken. I went to Macungie PNC immediately they gave me another card. I have been going to this Branch 6 years now because the Staff at this location have always been very nice and accommodating in answering any questions I may have thats just exactly what you expect from a local Bank.

PNC Bank Morgantown 455 SUNCREST TOWNE CENTRE 26505 (1) | Morgantown, West Virginia


2020-12-29 в 07:46:35

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It’s impossible to contact PNC from outside of the country! For some very odd reason, the Pnc app system did not recognize my user Id and password combo that I has been auto filling for years and it had worked just fine, then, when I attempted to reset the password, my pin was apparently wrong, though I’m certain I was putting it in correctly, and it locked me out of my account and now I need help and don’t knows where to go!

PNC Bank Port St. Lucie 7520 S US HIGHWAY 1 34952 (1) | Port St. Lucie, Florida

Harold Phillips, 752 SE Sweetbay Ave Port St Lucie Fl 34983

2020-12-28 в 16:57:20

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very hard if not impossible to get accurate and clear direction to your bank. please phone me today at 772-631-8904. PNC made an appointment with me for Tuesday 29th Dec 2020. Bank I had to go to was supposed to be in my zip code, failed to do that as well. Very very frustrating.

PNC Bank Tucker 2355 MAIN ST 30084 (2) | Tucker, Georgia

Alzemirte Pinheiro Amaral Santa Rosa

2020-12-08 в 23:37:37

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I need the help of you.I Made a money transfer to make a payment with a Company that has account of you.I Made a erkor in Usage I once wrote payment .I wrote (inheritance Activate Account) The bank do es not pay the company because of this error. Please I need the bank to send me the money back My Details Nassauischen Sparkasse Account Number 133154799 I Made the transference for this account PNC Bank 2355 Main ST,Zucker Georg ja 30084 USA All Transport Depot /Account Number 5361453569 Bis PNCCUS33 2305 Fourth Street suite c 30084 GA Tucker 2,600€ 8/06/20 Thanos I wait an as wer Santa Rosa


2020-12-09 в 01:37:02

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Der I need the help of the PNC Bank. I made a money Transfer to make a payment with a Company that has account of the bank pnc.I made a error in Usage I once wrote (inheritance Activate Account )the money back.My details Bank Name Alzemirte Pinheiro Amaral Santa Rosa Bank Account Nassauischen Sparkasse Account Number 133154799 I made the transference to this account PNC Bank 2355 Main ST,Tucker Georgia 30084 USA Company All Transport Depot Account Number 5361453569 BIS PNCCUS33 2305 Fourth Street suite c 30084 c GA Tucker 2,600€ I send the money an 8/6/20 Thanks I'll wait for a response Regards Santa Rosa

PNC Bank Elizabethtown 805 NORTH DIXIE AVENUE 42701 (2) | Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Glenda Mitchell

2020-10-05 в 01:15:38

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Manager very rude on October 2nd 2020.I got my car stuck in drive thru car wouldn't move.He hollered get that out of here nowI had an elderly lady with me a banker at PNC.after manager helped me he didn't tell me what he had to do to get it in neutral

Glenda Mitchell

2020-10-05 в 01:20:26

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Manager very rude stuck in drive thru he was hollering at me to get that car out of here very disappointed !Had elderly lady in car Irene Barnett she banks their

PNC Bank Hagerstown 17550 VIRGINIA AVE 21740 (1) | Hagerstown, Maryland

Kristie Matthews

2020-09-24 в 13:58:07

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I have always heard good things about them and just recently they helped me with a last minute project that I was extremely grateful for. I forget the guys name but he notarized a letter for me and was very nice end helpful.

PNC Bank Ormond Beach 1020 W GRANADA BLVD 32174 (2) | Ormond Beach, Florida

Lillian Senik-Loudermilk

2020-09-20 в 19:52:13

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My husband and I recently met with Diane ingalls who was professional and provided us with great service.

Lillian Senik-Loudermilk

2020-09-20 в 19:52:13

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My husband and I recently met with Diane ingalls who was professional and provided us with great service.

PNC Bank Chestertown 803 WASHINGTON AVE 21620 (1) | Chestertown, Maryland

David H LaMotte

2020-09-09 в 17:43:45

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Painful doing business with you. Difficult to get someone to answer a phone call at the local Chestertown branch, sit on hold for long periods. And using the drive-through is more painful...wait forever, can't figure out why it takes so long for each person in line. Seems woefully understaffed. When I get to a representative the experience is good, just far too long to wait in person or by phone. After 40+ years with PNC, considering moving my banking to a more personal and responsive bank.

PNC Bank Gladwin 235 WEST MAPLE 48624 (1) | Gladwin, Michigan

Sibyl Lyons

2020-09-04 в 05:03:38

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I understand the restrictions at this time but for us who ride the bus using the drive through is torture as well as risky and unhealthy, standing amongst several exhaust pipes, not having anywhere to write on or struggling with packages and worrying about who’s watching all my transactions. Then having to wait in the sun with no where to sit waiting for the bus. Most of us are handicapped or elderly and we should not expect to be treated this way. I even called to see if I could come in to do multiple transactions and was told yes then told no when I went to the door. There is no excuse for this. I would not have taken more time than had I been in the drive through. I am thinking of taking my business elsewhere.

PNC Bank Buxton 47031 HWY 12 27920 (1) | Buxton, North Carolina

Tara Dove

2020-07-01 в 02:43:50

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Dear PNC, This is my final goodbye as I tried opening in Norfolk on 555 about one and a half years ago but even with an Interest Account that I was taught about at ECU and having the Penny Virus attached to my bank account since 1989 and Planters National Bank at 47031 Buxton Back Rd in Buxton, NC 27920 and the phone number has always been the same I quit trying to carachiri who that steals from your bank and I’ve been trying without a bank account now for years so Good Luck to Tara Dove from 35.25W, -75.52 N as we are on the road to HE double hockey sticks until someone gives us my brother Uncle Sam said. Thank you.

PNC Bank Audubon 1111 PAWLINGS ROAD 19403 (1) | Audubon, Pennsylvania


2020-06-29 в 17:17:05

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PNC Bank Northport 3076 MCFARLAND BLVD 35476 (1) | Northport, Alabama

Kathy Warren

2020-05-05 в 21:57:46

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I absolutely adore my Bank people at PNC!! They are all professional, always Kind, Very caring about helping all their Customers!

PNC Bank Savannah 700 E DERENNE AVE 31405 (1) | Savannah, Georgia

Tim Addy

2019-10-21 в 20:34:12

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All 3 of these locations listed are actually locations of Walgreens. There is no PNC branch in Savannah.

PNC Bank Aston 5008 PENNELL RD 19014 (2) | Aston, Pennsylvania


2019-07-25 в 01:09:55

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It's a stupid atm not a branch. Should probably update your info so people dont go out of their way just to end up at a wawa!!


2019-07-25 в 01:11:04

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Should probably update your info. Its kind of annoying to go out of your way to find that your full service bank is a Wawa!

PNC Bank Athens 110 HAWTHORNE AVE. 30606 (1) | Athens, Georgia


2018-12-14 в 15:09:37

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This is the best bank.

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